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Acid-Free Preservation

Acid-Free Preservation

The boxes which we use in our preservation process are exclusive to Shannon Dry Cleaners in Ireland, and are manufactured in the USA. Keystones acid free boxes stabilize humidity levels, keep out dust, mould, mildew, and allow for sufficient air circulation.

With your preserved gown you will also receive a certificate which will offer guidelines on how best to store your fondest keepsake. This certificate will also serve as your warranty. The warranty will be valid for 200 years, and opening the wedding box does not void this warranty.

The boxes are hand assembled, and contain:

  • A bosom form which is acid-free
  • Acid-free packing tissue
  • A crystal clear viewing window
  • An interior photo holder
  • A beautiful and attractive gold laminated exterior
  • A protective double-sided shipping case with shrink wrap

  • One-Hour Cleaning
  • Special Garment Preservation
  • Bridesmaids Dress Preservation
  • Delicate Fabrics
  • Embellishments
  • Leather and Suede
  • Over-sized Fabric