Proper garment care is essential to a long life. We hope these FAQ's will help in keeping your clothes in great condition.

Should I get my Wedding Gown preserved professionally?

At Shannon Dry Cleaners, we know you will want your dress to look just as perfect when you show it to future generations. Our unique wedding dress cleaning and presentation service will ensure it is preserved in pristine condition for many years to come. After the wedding, your dress will be cleaned and hand finished by our highly trained wedding dress cleaning team. And, if you choose to use our full presentation service, it will be folded in layers of acid-free tissue paper to prevent discolouration of the fabric. Then it will be placed in a beautiful presentation box created from specially milled neutral board. This will protect the dress from the light whilst allowing the fabric to breathe.

I rubbed a stain on my silk dress with a baby wipe, there is a white patch at the spot, what can I do?

Our oil treatment service for silk and fine fabrics will rectify this and have your dress looking like new.

How do I get ink out?

Do not use water, we recommend treatment with Shannon Dry Cleaners chemical ink remover.

My bath foam and shower gel leaked in my suitcase my clothes are now pale green, how can I fix this?

Foam and shower gel need to be removed from the material to remove the colour of the substances, immersion in water may do this, but we recommend you call to us for advice.

I washed my woollen jumper at 30 degrees and it’s now shrunk, what can I do?

Steam infusion will loosen the fibres, we can perform this for you and rectify your problem.

What is Preservation?

Gown Preservation is a two-part process. The first is cleaning. The second is to preserve the gown in a special box designed to preserve the garments up to 200 years. The preservation process deals with removing stains, fixing torn or loose areas, cleaning, pressing, touching up and finally packaging it carefully in the Golden Box to preserve your memories for a lifetime.